Rattery Blog
This blog will be up dated when the owner has time, which
means not too often!

*March 14 2010
We have 5 girls and 2 boys.

*March 10 2010
Mercede's 7 babies are growing fast.  I expected they would all be black eyed siamese but as the
coat is coming in two of the babies have a lighter coat.  They may turn out to be Himis like their
dad.  What ever color they are real cute.

* Match 2, 2010
The baby drought is over!  Mercedes had babies on 3-2-10.  Stay tuned for numbers and sex.  

*Feb. 14 2010
We are currently waiting to see if we will be having some siamese babies.  Leopold and Mercedes
have been all lovey around 2-8.

*October 12, 2009   I have been slow updating my site after a sad spring where we lost three of
our rats.  This summer Sumatra our 20+ year old cat left us too.  Naughty Cinnamon has been bred
to two different males with out results.  She is currently living with Legend.

*February 24, 2009
All of our babies from the December Litter have found homes.  Our next breeding with be in the
spring with Cinnamon Girl.  We are still deciding on who to breed her to.
* January 21, 2009 Updated individual photos of the December litter are now on the
Current Litter

* January 2, 2008
My very old digital camera has become quite cranky and these very busy little rats that are a pain
in the tail to photograph.  Will try again soon.
*December 10, 2008  First Baby photo on the current litter page.  There are 5 boys and 2 girls.

*December 5, 2008  We have 7 babies!  

*November 18, 2008  Port and Ghost spent 8 days together so we will be on the look out for babies
during the first week of December!

*November 10, 2008  Since the breeding between Ramekin and Noodles did not take we are going
ahead and will breed tBBB Port to JATS/STUD Ghost.

* November 8, 2008  Another wonderful Ratapalooza!   We had breeders from as far away as
Florida and San Francisco.  

*October 3, 2008  HOH Noodles goes to ROUS for breeding to ROUS Ramekin.

*September 27, 2008  RatsPacNW Fall Show was held in Port Orchard.  Due to some human health
challenges we decided not to take any rats for the standards show.  We did go over to Port Orchard
to visit with all of our friends, check out the winning rats and pick up our newest addition to the
rattery, Dmtn  Cinnamon Girl.

*September 5, 2008  JOY/SITH Bolero is finally out of quarantine and is delivered to us by our
friend Velvet.  Bolero, Legend, and Monkey got a bath and were put in a clean cage.  They have all
gotten along really well.
*Janurary 22,2015
After a very long break we are back to breeding
again.  I currently have 2 litters in the works.
SITH Dragon Roll X PNZY/SITH Pippi Longstocking
SITH/PNZY Susurrus X SITH Bailey
Both should be due during the first week of February.