Our Pets
We have always had lots of pets.  In 1980s
and 1990s  we bred Abyssinian Cats.  We
still have one old blue female Aby, Java who
is 15 years old.

Taboo is our Doberman who gets all excited
if any of the rats have a disagreement.  If
Tabby hears any squeaking she runs over
and barks at the cage.  The rats are so
surprised they stop squabbling and run to
look at the dog.

In the summer if 2007 Emma, a Red Ear
Slider turtle came to live with us as a
foster pet.  We have grown so fond of her
we no longer are looking for another home.
Emma is 10 years old and about 9 inches

We got out first rats in 2004 from the
Best Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret
House.  Taco and Taquito were 15 months
old and had a sign on their cage saying they
were looking for a retirement home.  After
seeing them at the shelter a couple of times
I asked if I could hold them.  One of them
(I can't remember which one) looked up at
me and bruxed.  I was totally hooked.  
Since then we always have some rescue

Below are three of our rescue rats from
the 50 rat rescue in Vancouver BC.
Jimmy Neutron