3GR Milo

Handsome Milo, owned by Amy of Stud
Muffin Rattery, is a relaxed sweet boy.  
Milo is a mink blazed dumbo with spots on
his back and odd eyes.  
3GR Milo X SITH Beyonce
Born December 27, 2007
11 healthy Babies, 5 boys and 6 girls
SITH Beyonce

Beautiful Beyonce was Reserve of
Show Marked at the 2007
Ratstravaganza in BC.  A real "A" type
personality, she has never met a
human she doesn't like.  Beyonce is
dumbo lilac blazed collared with odd
The Boys

Twister ~ Mink Dalmatian with black
eyes and a very bent tail

Adopted by Amanda

Forrest Gump ~ Lilac Berkshire with
black eyes

Adopted by Susan

Rocky ~ Mink dalmatian with black eyes

Reserved for Laura

Braveheart ~ Lilac Berkshire with Dark
ruby eyes

Reserved - Robbie

I am Legend ~ Lilac Dalmatian

The Girls

Untamed Heart ~ Dumbo Variegated
Mink with black eyes

Reserved Deanna

Annie Hall ~ Mink Variegated with
black eyes and lots of spots

Reserved Deanna

Briget Jones ~ Mink Variegated
dumbo with black eyes and a spottie

Reserved- Laura and Joel

Ghost  ~Dumbo Masked Mink with odd


Nell ~ Lilac American Berkshire with
black eyes

Nell has a small bend in her tail

Reserved Laura and Joel

Juno ~ Variegated Lilac dumbo with
black eyes

Reserved - Morgan