Ghost is a Mink Masked Odd Eyed Dumbo.  She is
always at the cage door looking for some new adventure.  
She is a large friendly female that rules her cage with a
velvet paw much like her mother Beyonce.
Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree Of JATS/STUD Ghost
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
3GR MiloMUFF ChesterCWR KalaniRSCL Calico Jack
ROUS Chorizo
tBBR/MUFF ClariceWWR El Supremo
TMLS Left Eye
3GR Pollanaise3GR BlueRSCL Twilight
3GR Minnie
3GR Cho Chang/FitchRSCL White Chocolate Mocha
3GR Moulin Rouge
SITH/ROUS BeyonceSITH PtolemySITH FermiCWR Jordan
SITH Farida
SPR SusanROUS Sebastian
CWR Seelie
CWR LeAnnCWR TysonSPR Jonesy
SAS Ayala
ROUS BonkCWR Robespierre
3GR Mignon
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