Current Litters
December 5, 2008  Ghost has 7 little ratlings!   
December 10, 2008  First baby pictures.  Far
left is a black berk male, black berk with head
spot and white take tip male,  2 girls with black
head markings and a few body spots,a boy with
head marks, one (under) black eyed white male,
and last (on top) all white male with a tiny spot
behind one ear.  All are top eared.  
tBBR Port  
      Introducing the Flying Wallendas
Named after members of the famous circus family that started
amazing tight walking routines.  These little rats walk on the cage
ceiling and dance around the walls like they were on the floor.
The Boys
The Girls
Adopted by
Doug Armstrong
Adopted by
Doug Armstrong
Keeping     Best
Kitten at BC Show
Adopted by
Dawn and Family
Reserve of
Show BC
Reserved - Lynn
Reserved - Krislyn
Photos taken on 1-21-09