Adoption Information
The Basics

1.All our rats are sold as pets  NEVER AS FOOD.
If you are looking for reptile food look else where.

2. You will be expected to provide a cage, a companion,
proper bedding, food and water and medical care for
your rat.  

3. Should you be unable to keep your rat it either must
be returned to us or placed in a home we approve of and
who will abide by this agreement.  At no time will you
place a rat from us in a pet store, lab, shelter or find a
home via the internet.  

4.  We are always available to help you with any
questions you may have about your rats.  If we don't
know the answer we will find someone who does.

5. You must be willing to sign an adoption form agreeing
to the above.

Single Rat Baby $20

Pair of same sex babies

When ever there is a Rat
Show  we will be in
quarantine for three
weeks prior to the show.  
Should you wish to pick up
your rat before a show we
can arrange to meet you
outside of our home.  We
would be happy to bring
rats to a show  for pick up.