A Bit about Us
Jan with MUFF Kalama,
Kissiest Rat at Ratapaloosa '07
and beloved pet.
Andrew with his girls, Pudding
from the Petaloma rescue and
Muff Keiki at the Mercer Island
show in '06.
Photo by Scott Cohen/ Seattle Times
When our first rats, Taco and Tequito came home with us in the
fall of 2004 we had no idea they would lead to such an active
hobby.  We discovered RatsPacNW soon after and attended a
show on Mercer Island and Ratapoloosa.  How great it was to
find all these other rat lovers!   

Andrew and I enjoy all the Club events, shows, summer
barbecues, winter holiday parties and open houses.  We have
made lots of great friends here and in Canada.  

All of our rats are housed in Martin's cages.  They have
hammocks, litter boxes, toys and igloos.  We can't really show
you our rattery because our cages are all over the house.

There is one more person I need to mention, Tracy, my husband
and Andrews father.  Tracy is our official rat petter.  All the
rats love to be petted by him and they all end up burxing happily
in his arms.