Welcome to JATS Rattery.  We are a small
rattery located in Seattle WA.  Our pet rats
are bred first for health and temperament.  
We usually work with black, mink, russian blue
and dove colors on variegated or fancy face
marked rats.  
No more photos
Tito, King of the Market
    Questions? Comments?
Feel free to email us at JATS@aol.com
I heard that!
Nom nom nom
We hope to have two litters due this spring.  Expecting lots of
fancy face markings and dumbo ears.  There is still room on my
waiting lists so if you are interested please let me know.
This site is currently undergoing some changes.  Sorry if some of the links and
navigation bars are missing or do not work properly.
3-19 Still working on site.
Rattery update: 3-19  Only one girl looks like she may be having babies so
I am not adding anyone to my wait list at this time unless you are willing to
wait a couple of months.  Pippi and I are going to visit the vet for a prenatal
appointment.on friday.  Fingers crossed!